Who We Are

We are a group of people who are ambitious, experienced and hard-working. Our team is mainly focused on home & building automation since 2012.

Design House

Our development team consists of highly skilled hardware and software system architects, programmers and designers who come from different backgrounds. All hardware-software solutions and production are 100% in-house.

Production Policy

Our main focus is compatibility of our products to international standards and improving production continuously.

Lean Thinking methodology and principles are adopted in every aspect of our production line. We are member of leading global authorities in home and building automation industry. Each product have certifications for European standards.

Sustainability is the keyword of our production. We spend dozens of hours to find right materials and combination for the best user experience with affordable price.

Mission Vision

We desire to design and produce the finest quality products with various possibility of connectivity and integration. Our mission is to be a well-known global brand and leading provider of solutions for home & building automation.