Integrate VRF with BMS & Home Automation

VFace is a stand alone interface for VRF systems which also let you easliy integrate to Home Automation and Building Management Systems. VFace supports various brands and provides end-users with full control of all indoor units enabling them with access to VRF’s various functionalities including diagnostic. HVAC installers will not need to worry anymore about the complexity involved in various gateways.


  • Mobile APP for iOS and Android
  • Built-in webserver for vrf control and configuration
  • Monitor and full control indoor units
  • Diagnostic information
  • Set weekly schedule and timer
  • Define user rights
  • BMS connectivity via Modbus or KNX
  • Internet configurable and upgradable

Functions & Overview


Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply : 12 - 24 VDC
    Display Types : Basic - None
    Touch - 7″ with capacitive touchscreen
    Standard Interfaces : VRF port (1x)
    LAN RJ45 (1x) GbE interface
    USB 2.0 (1x)
    Digital GPIO (2x) Input
    Optional Interfaces Additional VRF port (1x) any brand
    RS232 / RS485 (1x) two-in-one module
    KNX (1x) TP
    Reset Button : Hardware button on the back side of the case
    Housing Type : Aliminium colored black
    Protection grade IP 20
    Working Humidity : 5% – 90% at 25°C
    Working Temperature : -10°C – +35°C
  • Standard Technologies : Built-in web server
    Internet upgradable
    Customizable web interface
    Connectivity : ASCII TCP/IP (custom protocol)
    Modbus TCP
    Modbus RTU RS232 / RS485 (optional)
    KNX (optional)
    Web server implementation (via SDK)
    VRF Control : Full indoor unit control
    Monitor indoor and outdoor units
    System diagnostic
    Controlable elements : On/Off status
    Set temperature
    Work mode
    Room temperature read only
    Fan speed
    Swing and diagnostic (regarding brand)
    Outdoor data read only (regarding brand)
    Web UI Functionality : Name and group indoor / outdoor units
    Define user rights
    Scheduling indoors
    Record indoor activity logs (optional)
    System logs for diagnostic
    Timer / Scheduling : Indoor full control
    Weekly or one-time commands
    Time interval commands
    Lock indoor units
    User Interface : Web/Html5 (All operating systems)
    Mobile app support (iOS / Android)
    Browser Compatibility : Chrome / Firefox / Safari
    Mobile APP : Apple iOS / Google Android
    Client Amount : Unlimited clients (up to 16 parallel connections)
  • Configuration Interface : Online / offline through web interface
    Backup / restore of the project
    Search units
    Unit list
    Select BMS / HA connectivity
    Setup and Maintenance : Network
    Date / time
    Language support (soon)
    Selection of graphical elements
    Software update
    Software license
    Other Functions : Emulator (simulate VRF system)
    Watchdog (protect system against crash)
    Rotate screen
    Inputs : Emergency input (closes all vrf indoor units)
    Search input (starts to scan vrf bus)
  • Supported Brands : (DK) Daikin
    (ME) Mitsubishi Electric
    (LG) LG
    (MD) Midea
    (MH) Mitsubishi Heavy
    (PA) Panasonic
    (HT) Hitachi
    (SM) Samsung
    (TO) Toshiba
    (SA) Sanyo
    (CG) Chigo

Mobile Application Interface

Device Interfaces